Previous Events

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 April 19, 2018 Fr. Cristino Bouvette Chivalry and Its Counterfeits: Authentic Masculinity and the Manhood of Christ
February 26, 2018
Fr. Daniel Wilson LC Ignatian Examen & Lenten Preparation
January 25, 2018 Br. Bengry St. Gilbert and the Gilbertine Revival
 December 14, 2017 Bishop William McGrattan Oremus – Let us Pray
 November 30, 2017 Mr. Martinho Correia The History and Renewal of Sacred Art  Artist’s Website
 October 19, 2017 Fr. Adrian Martens Christian Vocation in the Light of Christ and the Holy Spirit
 September 21, 2017 Dr. Peter Baltutis & Rev. Brad Everett Luther’s Legacy: Reform or Revolution – A Discussion
 June 22,  2017 Mr. Jason Kenney The Intersection of Faith and Politics
 May 25, 2017 Mr. Stefan Schwartz God Said It, That Settles It: How Catholics are Taught to Read Scripture
 April 27, 2017 Fr. Bo Nahachewsky Breathing With Both Lungs: Discovering Eastern Catholics
 March 30, 2017
(Delayed due to Parish emergency)
Mr. Tomas Rochford Catholic Men and Their Role In Education: Students, Fathers & Leaders
Thursday, February 16, 2017 Fr. Daniel Wilson LC Preparing for Our Lenten Pilgrimage with the Lord
 Thursday, January 26, 2017 Dr. Martin Owen Motherhood of Our Lady. Theology, Biology and Cosmology
 Tuesday, December 13, 2016 Fr. Lee Kenyon Keeping Christmas Out of Advent: The Key to a Holy Advent
Tuesday, November 22, 2016 Fr. John Shannon FSSP St. John the Baptist – A Model of the Christian Virtue of Fortitude
 September 29, 2016 Fr. Jerome Lavigne Spiritual Warfare
 June 16, 2016  Bishop Fred Henry Jesus’ Heart as the Revelation of God’s Mercy
May 24, 2016
 Fr. Lee Kenyon Angels not Angles — Repatriating the English  M4A File
 April 28, 2016  Fr. Cristino Bouvette When Peter Speaks: Loving, Obeying and Interpreting the Pope  Pending
 March 17, 2016  Mr. John Carpay LLB Legal and Constitutional Issues Facing Christian Men (Especially Bill 10, etc.) Link 1 / Link 2 / Link 3 / Poster
February 23, 2016 Dr. Thomas Bouchard Current Issues of Conscience and Medicine – Euthanasia, etc.  n/a
 January 28, 2016  Fr. Jerome Lavigne Living the Faith with Authentic Mercy during this Jubilee Year MP3 & Notes
 December 10, 2015 Mr. John Ashley LLB  End-of-Life Legal and Moral Issues  n/a
 November  2015  Fr. Antony Sumich  F.S.S.P. Help me Father. My child doesn’t practice the Faith!!!  MP3 / Notes
 October  2015  Fr. Nathan Siray  The Holy Eucharist  MP3 Audio
 June 25, 2015  Fr. Cristino Bouvette  Prayer Life and Men  MP3  /  Notes
 May  2015  Fr. Antony Sumich F.S.S.P.  Manliness is Holiness Notes