Urgent Message – March Guild Men’s Night Cancelled


It is with regret that we inform you that this evening’s event is cancelled.  Father Kenyon has informed us that due to urgent pastoral needs he will not be available for the Holy Hour nor for Holy Mass, and that the Hall will not be setup for us.  We have decided that it is prudent to cancel our Catholic Men’s Night, so that Father Kenyon and other members of St. John the Evangelist community do not feel pulled in multiple directions at this time.

We hope you understand the difficulty of the situation, and we apologize cancelling at such short notice.

Invitations for April’s Event will come out shortly.

Please keep all parishioners of St. John the Evangelist in your prayers.

The Father Lacombe Guild

Future Speaker Updates – Two Bishops!

If you take a quick look at the Upcoming Events page, you’ll notice that we have a very exciting year of speakers lined up for the Guild.  I’d like to draw your attention especially to our events in October and November.

For both of these months we will be blessed to have a bishop address the Guild: Bishop Steven J. Lopes of the Ordinariate in October; and the new shepherd of Calgary’s Diocese, Bishop William McGrattan, in November.

Please make sure to reserve these dates in your calendar as soon as possible!  See you on the 30th.