Some Perspective in these Darkening Days

As we begin the summer months filled with sunshine and various outdoor pursuits, it seems helpful to take stock of where we are as Catholic men in contemporary Alberta.  Coming across the following two pieces in the last two days, I was struck by how very relevant they are to our current situation.

The first, an article on the wonderful Catholic news service LifeSiteNews, offers a stark wakeup call to all faithful men.  The culture war, that many in society (and even the Church hierarchy) would like to ignore or claim as non-existent, is upon us in a very real and pervasive way.  As one reads through the growing list of occupations that are beginning to close for faithful Catholic men, one is struck by how little push-back there has been.  Are we really happy to accept the monikers of “bigot” and “hater” just because we will not sign on to the most recent politically-correct teachings of the government-media-academia complex?  Are we going to accept this persecution lying down – either acquiescing to its demands that we burn some incense on the P.C. altar or else be marginalized and vilified as equivalent to racists and fascists?  I think the article should make us think long and hard about where we stand and how we must act, especially as persecution creeps ever closer.

Secondly, the lecture by Dr. Cuddeback, linked below, provides faithful Catholic men with a one hour tour-de-force reflection on what a Catholic vision of society really involves.  The talk is ostensibly on the topic of “The Common Good”, but it ranges into all sorts of areas especially pertinent to our contemporary situation.  Although some small bits of the talk are more academic in tone, I cannot help but recommend that all of you take the hour or so to watch/listen to the talk in order to better understand our duties as Catholic men in a society that has lost touch with reality and the moral law.  Your time spent will be greatly rewarded.

Have a wonderful Feast of St. Veronica.