From a Guild Member: An Open Letter to the Elected Representatives of the Government of Alberta

To the elected members of the Provincial Government: Hon. Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta; Hon. Brian Jean, Official Leader of the Opposition; Hon. Derek Fildebrandt, Wildrose MLA for Strathmore.

To the leaders and Ministers of other political parties in Alberta: Hon. Richard McIver, Interim Leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party; Mr. Jeremy Fraser, Leader of the Alberta Social Credit Party; Hon. David Eggen, Minister of Education; Hon. Mark Smith, Wildrose Education Critic; and Hon. Sarah Hoffman, Minister of Health.


Good evening,

I sincerely hope that this letter finds you well.  This letter is from a resident of Strathmore, Alberta to the men and women in who have been elected to represent me provincially.  It is to you, our elected civil servants, that I humbly plead for help.  My apologies for writing this as an Open Letter, but it seems that contacting each of you individually has borne no fruit.

I am deeply concerned with the direction we are headed.

It seems each day my internet news feed is filled with headlines that are incrementally more disturbing than the headlines I’d read the previous day.  It makes me wonder: where are we headed?  Is there an end point to which our province, our country, our world is headed?  What would that look like?

Allow me to reflect on the old adage about the frog swimming in a pot of water on a stovetop.  The frog merrily continues swimming as the temperature around him gradually rises.  It seems that as long as the water only increases incrementally, the frog remains oblivious.  Unhappily for the frog, the story ends with his death as the water tragically reaches its boiling point.  It doesn’t matter whether the frog realized it or not, the heating water will at some point result in his demise.  Let there be no misunderstanding, when the water reaches a boiling point, the frog will die.

As I paid my taxes last month, it filled my heart with sadness to ponder all the evil things for which my provincial government would use my money.  How would my money be spent?  To pay for the introduction of a new radical sex education curriculum to my kindergartener?  To purchase the drugs which will be used to kill someone I love?  To pass so-called environmental legislation which will further erode the prosperity of Alberta?

It has been said that there is one surefire way to tell if a society has gone through a revolution: find an old man, who possess the same values as those passed to him from his father, and talk with him for an afternoon.  Truly, a revolution has occurred if his thoughts, beliefs and values seem not wise, but foolish.  If our grandfathers and their grandfathers, you know the ones who made this land great, were to see what we have done with our inheritance, what would they say?  What would they say about legislation that allows men in girls’ washrooms in our elementary schools or bills that directly threaten the livelihood of all our provincial farmers?  If our ancestors could speak, what would they say and would we consider them to be wise or to be fools?

Yet, like the frog, we continue to merrily meander through life, totally oblivious incremental changes or gradual revolution occurring all around us.  However, whether we realize it or not, the temperature is indeed rising; and whether we support it or not, the revolution is slowly destroying all that we most hold dear and near.

Our grandfathers would have been quick to remind us that the Prophet Isaiah warned us: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”  But perhaps that was a time before the revolution, before the water had grown unrecognizably hot.

I urge you, our elected Members of the Legislative Assembly to make a stand and oppose all – ALL – the issues that increase the hideous destruction of our families, our communities and our province.  I sincerely pray that you find the courage, wisdom and charity to do what is right at this most difficult hour.

Thank you and may God bless you,

B. Wiley

(*FLG Note: We have published the letter in full hoping that it will inform and inspire other Catholics and men of good will to become active in re-building Christendom brick-by-brick.)