Fr. Lacombe Bio and March Update

It is our pleasure to announce that we have finally added our biography of Father Lacombe to the “Why Fr. Lacombe?” link at the top of our page.  One of the Guild Council members spent many hours crafting this beautiful and inspiring piece, so please take some time to have a read.


Also, this month’s guild meeting with John Carpay on St. Patrick’s feast day was a great success.  We were blessed to have such an excellent and knowledgeable speaker give us insights into some of the serious issues facing Christian families in Alberta.  Not only did Mr. Carpay offer a helpful overview of the political and legal issues, but he also gave us some very practical ideas to assist in turning the tide; a return to reason and common sense governance.

If you are interested in further details to help in this fight, Mr. Carpay mentioned some resources that you may be interested in perusing.  If you would like to receive the Justice Centre’s email newsletter, called Justice Update and sent once or twice per month, please contact John Carpay at .  He will be happy to ensure you are included with updates on the Justice Centre’s court cases and other activities.


As we celebrate this Paschaltide with our families, I would ask that you offer a rosary for the Guild and all its members.  Also, please prayerfully consider submitting a name of a possible speaker for next year’s presenter lineup.  Just email the Guild at: with the details.