Catholic Men – A Call to Battle

From the website Into the Breach , discussed earlier on the Guild’s blog, comes a new and very beautiful movie for all Catholic men – “A Call to Battle”.   We would challenge you to watch the movie, then read some of the literature below it about the current NDP government’s current attack on Catholic Education.

The need to be educated and informed is ever increasing as our government increases its attacks on our Catholic Faith and families.  Most recently  the government of Alberta’s Education Ministry has increased its attacks on our children by trying to force their gender fantasies into our Catholic schools.  Bishop Henry has come out and denounced Alberta Education as acting in a “totalitarian” way, attempting to force Catholic institutions to teach what they know to be contrary to the truth of reality and the Catholic Faith.  It is no surprise that within hours of Bishop Henry’s letter being made public he has come under fire in the media.

We are incredibly blessed to have a Bishop who is courageous enough to proclaim the truth knowing he is opening himself up to the wolves of relativism, secularism and modernism. We are also incredibly blessed to have his Excellency, Bishop Frederick Henry, scheduled to be our speaker for our June event on June 16th 2016.

Here is the Ministry of Education’s newest policy:

You can read the Bishop’s letters here:  (Totalitarianism in Alberta)
(Heal the wounds, heal the wounds, so many wounds…)

Other Resources:
“Gender Theory” and “Gender Ideology” – Select Resources (from the USCCB)
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